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Sheldon High School Lacrosse

Home of the Fighting Irish!

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2023 Sheldon Lacrosse Schedule



Don Lindsey
Varsity Head Coach


Taking over the program after the 2019 season, Don led the Sheldon Boys Lacrosse program during arguably the most difficult time in its history with the nation reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the Sheldon Boys Lacrosse team emerged and was among the top teams in the Southwestern League when the team returned to play in 2021.


Having started coaching in 1990, Don has spent the better part of his life coaching and developing young men at both the high school and youth levels. Prior to joining the program, Don spent four years as an Oregon High School Lacrosse Official and is exited to have the opportunity to lead the program into the future. Coach Don can be reached at:

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Kevin Strode

Varsity Assistant Coach

Having started coaching with the Sheldon Lacrosse Program in 2006, Kevin has spent the better part of the past two decades helping to grow both the Sheldon Boys and the Sheldon Girls Lacrosse programs.


In 2006, Kevin returned to his alma mater (Sheldon High School) after graduating from the United States Military Academy-West Point and fulfilling his military commitment on the east coast and has been passionate about growing the game and developing the many young men and women that he has had the opportunity to coach ever since.


Kevin has been an integral part of the program's success for almost 20-years and the team continues to benefit from his strong desire to grow the game and improve the lacrosse knowledge and skills of the Sheldon Irish players.

Club Founder


Coach Ike Sanderson

Sheldon High School Boys Lacrosse Club Founder

It all started back in 2002 when Coach Sanderson decided to form a boys' lacrosse team. At the time, lacrosse was still very much an emerging sport in the state of Oregon but trailblazers like Coach Sanderson were coming out west and bringing the "creators game" with them from their time playing lacrosse on the east coast.


Although Coach Sanderson stepped away from coaching a few years back, his presence is never too far away from the program and we are grateful for his foresight and leadership over the years, which has allowed Sheldon Lacrosse to achieve unprecedented levels of success! League Championships and Oregon state playoff appearances are a regular occurrence for the Sheldon Boys Lacrosse Program and this success can be tied directly back to Coach Sanderson!

  • Southwestern League Championships:

    • 2002-2006

    • 2009 & 2010

    • 2016-2019

  • Oregon State Lacrosse Championship Playoffs: 

    • Championship Game-2002

    • Semi-Finals-2003

    • Quarter-Finals- 2005

    • Quarter-Finals- 2006

    • Quarter-Finals- 2007

    • Elite 8- 2009

    • Elite 8- 2010

    • Round 1- 2014

    • Round 1- 2015

    • Sweet 16- 2016

    • Round 1- 2017

    • Round 1- 2018

    • Sweet 16- 2019

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