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To reach a parent representative for the boys lacrosse team, email:

Sheldon High School Boys Lacrosse Club

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Eugene, OR  97401


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Sheldon Lacrosse Apparel

Below are the pictures of the 2017 apparel line! The Order Form is attached off to the right. To complete your order follow the simple steps below:


  1. Print off a copy of the order form

  2. Fill out the order form

  3. Place your order form and payment into an envelope (checks payable to: Friends of Sheldon)

  4. Clearly print "Sheldon Boys Lacrosse Apparel", "First & Last name" and lastly your "Phone Number"  on the front of the envelope.

  5. Your order form can be turned into the Sheldon Front office. Where it will be put into the Boys Lacrosse Box. The last day to turn in your form is April XXth.


Apparel pick up will be on Apirl XXth at the Sheldon game from 5:30 to 6:30pm between the JV and Varsity Lacrosse games. 

Sheldon Lacrosse Helmets (SHS Players Only)

To purchase a helmet follow the steps below:


  1. Pick a helmet.

  2. Place your payment in an envelope (prices can be seen when you click on each helmet).

  3. Checks need to made out to "Friends of Sheldon". 

  4. Clearly print "Sheldon Boys Lacrosse", "First & Last Name" and your "Phone Number"  on the front of the envelope.

  5. Turn your order form to Ike Sanderson, Room S10.

  6. Helmets can be picked up the same day. 


All helmets come with a green chin and full Sheldon lacrosse decals.

Sheldon High School Lacrosse

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