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Lacrosse Gear Kids Need To Have To Play

Lacrosse gear is important to your child’s protection and the game.  Gear can be very expensive and comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.  Helmets are the most expensive piece of equipment out of all the gear because it protects the most important/ vulnerable part of our body.  Shoulder pads are fairly cheap and protect our chest and collarbone area.  Elbow guards and gloves are also important because that is where defenders are allowed to hit the offensive players.  Mouth guards are required for high school and are a cheap way to protect those expensive smiles.  A cup is also highly recommended to wear to prevent some horrible injuries.  Cleats are functional shoes that provide added traction for quick movements.  Arguable the most important piece of equipment is the stick.  The stick is very customizable and unique representation of the player.

Lacrosse Stick

The lacrosse stick comes in either an attack size or a defensive 6-foot long pole.  Heads and shafts range in prices based on brands, weight, material, and design.  Heads have unique benefits for each position.  The string job in combination with form determines how the ball is released from the stick.  Shafts and heads when bought new usually have a 6-month warranty for “equipment failure”. Lacrosse sticks are kind of like wands from Harry Potter, when you go to the store or online, one will just jump out at you.  Mesh is the part that holds the ball in the stick, which is very easily changed, shooters and nylons are the strings that go across the mesh; these are all up to the players comforts/style.

Lacrosse Pads

The lacrosse pads that are required for High school game play include a helmet, chest/shoulder, elbow, and arm guard.  Some people wear rib guards and padded compresion shorts.  At Sheldon we require players to wear a cup.  Lacrosse pads range in price so look at online reviews before purchasing equitment.

Mouth guard and Cleats

The helmet is the most important piece of protection a player needs.  Helmets now a days are very scientific, lightweight, safe, and can be very expensive.  Sheldon does provide the option to rent helmets or purchase them.

Mouth guards are required for play.  This is a very important piece of equitment that protects those expensive teeth and mouth.  Mouth guards can not be clear or white.  I would suggest not getting green either because they are easily lost.  Common cleats are either lacrosse, football, or soccer.  Sheldon prefers that players get cleats in our color scheme.  Astro turf cleats are not required but they are nice to have depending on the field of play.


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