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How to Sponsor or Donate:

3 Choices: Lacrosse T-Shirt, Website or Banner.

To Contact Jill Ritchie about Sponsorship use the widget below.

Sheldon boys’ lacrosse is a club sport and does not receive funding from OSAA (as other traditional high school sports). Players’ fees only cover a portion of the cost to run the lacrosse program each year.  In an effort to make it affordable for kids to play, we are seeking advertising sponsorship contributions from local individuals and businesses. A tax ID # will be provided to sponsers.


The lacrosse team has a winning history that won’t continue without your support. The Sheldon lacrosse team has four ways you can help. First, you can support the team without advertising by making a donation. Second, you can have your business name placed on the back of the team’s warm up jerseys. These jerseys are worn during warm ups at every game. The more you give the bigger the font. The third way you can help is to have your business name placed on the team banner to be displayed at each home game. And the final way is to place an ad that will be on the website that the team will be using for communication. All of these options are tax deductible and you will be mailed a receipt. The sponsorship must be RECEIVED BY March 3, 2017 or it will not make it on the jersey & banner!




We hope you will seriously consider sponsoring one of our lacrosse players and in doing so, ensure that the Sheldon lacrosse team has another successful year on the field. 

For individuals or companies wanting to sponsor or donate please mail in the form attached to the right, with your check payable to:


Friends of Sheldon Boys Lacrosse

2455 Willakenzie Rd, Eugene, OR 97401


Questions?  Please contact the Head Coach at


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