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To reach a parent representative for the boys lacrosse team, email:

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How to get involved with SHS Lacrosse

By clicking the bottons below Parents, New Players, and sponsors can learn how to get envoled in the Sheldon Lacrosse Program. 

How to join the SHS Lacrosse Team

New families and players can learn how to get involved in the Sheldon Lacrosse Program. 

How to become a SHS Lacrosse Sponsor or Donor


Businesses and individuals can sponsor or donate to the Sheldon Lacrosse Program. Sponsors are extremly important for our growing program. Sheldon boys’ lacrosse is a club sport and does not receive funding from OSAA (as other traditional high school sports). Players’ fees only cover a portion of the cost to run the lacrosse program each year.  In effort to make it affordable for kids to play, we are seeking advertising sponsorship contributions from local individuals and businesses. A tax ID # will be provided.

How to become an Involved Parent


There are several opportunities for parents to help throughout the season that take a short amount of time but pay big dividends for the team.  They vary from working a concession stand shift, keeping score at a game or distributing apparel/uniforms.

Sheldon High School Lacrosse

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